Your system is 20', how does it compare to a 30' system?

Please note we do not sell a 30' system. We are comparing the difference between our 20' tower and competitors who claim 30' is better. Take a look at the math below.

Is Taller Better?

What factors differentiate a 20’ vs. 30’ endzone camera?

  1. Viewing angle

  2. Stability

  3. Safety

  4. Example Video Screenshots


  • Viewing Angle


The perceived advantage of a taller endzone camera is the idea that you get a significantly better video picture from a 30’ vs a 20’ system.As shown below, the difference is very small.When filming the opposite 25 yard line, the difference between the two systems is 2 degrees of viewing angle. When filming the 50 yard line, there is a 3 degree difference, and when filming the near 25 yard line, it too has only a 3 degree difference.The result is that video shot at 30’ looks nearly identical to video shot at 20’.

The HD Endzonecam Advantage:  Our system uses a commercial quality   Canon camera that offers the best picture available on the market. If anyone is concerned about the viewing angle, they will quickly forget once they see the picture our camera delivers compared to any other system. 




Anytime you stick 5-8 lbs of camera equipment on top of a tall pole, you will have potential for stability issues.The taller the structure, the more prone to wind affecting the quality of the video.Unless a camera has excellent video stabilization, the “shaky” picture is very difficult to watch.With a normal 10-15 mph wind, some systems shake so much they must be lowered to maintain a stable video image.


The HD Endzonecam Advantage:  Our system is ultra-stable due to its        patent-pending design that uses adjustable locking sections that         minimize movement in windy conditions.  Even though it is extremely stable, you must still use caution when using in high wind situations. 



If you are operating in any type of weather, we urge all users to be cautious with an endzone camera system.If there is any lightning, we recommend to take down your endzone camera system until the threat of lightning has passed. Another risk with taller systems is when the tower tips over due to wind.We have had coaches come to us describing how wind has toppled their existing systems, destroying the camera and putting their filmer at risk of injury.This is especially prevalent with taller three legged systems.Many systems use sandbags, stakes, or heavy steel legs to keep the system from falling over. Most turf fields do not allow ground stakes, and most teams do not wish to carry extra weights or sandbags with them to games.


The HD Endzonecam Advantage:  Our system requires no ground stakes,  no sandbags, and due to its lower center of gravity and its stable four legged footprint, makes in more resistant to blowing over.  Our system is also designed to take on all weather conditions with its weather resistant camera and monitor covers. 

Our 20 foot system filming the far 10 yard line 

Our 20 foot system filming the far 20 yard line 

Our 20 foot system filming the 50 yard line 

Our 20 foot system filming the near 20 yard line 

Our 20 foot system filming the near 3 yard line 

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