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Remember to set it to HD to see these 

videos in true 1080p resolution!

"So how about some example footage?"

Here is some footage from a playoff game in 2015.  First of all, we were able to follow the action the whole length of the field, and second it was in a huge rainstorm.  The camera worked flawlessly the whole game!

For more sample footage, check out our "MORE SAMPLE VIDEO" page!

"How does HD Endzonecam hold up in the wind?"

Clients often ask how well the tower holds up in the wind. With our patent pending design, there is no need to lower the tower to achieve a stable video. Note the flag in the background on this PAT attempt and just listen. It may have been a sloppy play but with HD Endzonecam, the wind was no match.

"Ok so it holds up great in the wind but what about if it gets hit by a ball?"

While a direct hit to the camera and electronics on top would be a pretty devastating blow to ANY end zone camera system, a direct hit to the tower is again no match to HD Endzonecam's ruggedness. Once again, not a pretty field goal attempt (it WAS a pretty straight kick though) but it makes for great marketing!

"Alright already. I've seen enough. Just HOW easy is it to set up?"

Unfortunately we are not going to grace our setup video with models posing with our system acting like the setup is a breeze. We are going to show you with our co-owner Kyle as your guide and a Go-Pro strapped to his head just how simple it REALLY is. There are no cables, no pulleys, no cranks and no bag full of parts needed to set up. 

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